Green Bean Robusta

Excellent products that we offer. Robusta is a type of coffee plant with the scientific name Coffea canephora. The name robusta is taken from the word “robust”, a term in English which means strong. As the name implies, a drink extracted from robusta coffee beans has a strong taste and tends to be more bitter than arabica.

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is coffee beans that have been processed and finely ground in the form of small grains so that they are easily brewed with hot water and consumed. The process for making ground coffee, from ripe coffee cherries to coffee grounds in certain packages, may be a little complicated for the layman.

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Cloves, or cloves, are the aromatic dried flower buds of the Myrtaceae family of trees. Cloves are native to Indonesia, widely used as a spice in spicy dishes in European countries, and as the main ingredient in Indonesian clove cigarettes.


Vanilla is a plant that produces vanilla powder which is used as a food fragrance. This powder is produced from the pods. The vanilla plant was first recognized by the Indians in Mexico, the country of origin of the plant. The regional name for vanilla is Panili or Perneli

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