CV. Agro Dewata Indonesia

About Our Company

Our Company idea was formed from 2020 because we saw the impact of the pandemic on the community such as high unemployment and the collapse of the economy, especially our area, from there we built our company to accommodate workers, increase the income of the surrounding community so that with the aim of making the economy better, in 2021 we will start form a company incorporated as CV. Agro Dewata Indonesia which received a certificate ready for export from the government from here we are growing and continue to learn with farmers, the government, to become a great and strong company in the future


our company is the best in the agricultural sector because we have our own gardens, produce ourselves and sell ourselves through our company so as to break the expensive distributor chain, because we are direct from nature for you right to your table like our motto, so prices are more reasonable for buyers and quality is directly maintained because we are first hand

About Our Garden 

Our garden is located in West Bali, precisely in the Jembrana region which produces the best robusta coffee in Bali,  one of the best cloves in Indonesia,  and the good fresh fruit like Durian, Manggosteen and Banana. Our  the way we process our dried product it using natural methods is dried by sunlight, for years and from generation to generation we continue to improve to find traditional methods that produce quality cloves and quality coffee, our garden comes from our own family which is managed independently to maintain the quality, and the freshness


According to the statistical agency in Bali, the largest robusta coffee suppliers are from West Bali, namely my village of Pengeragoan, Badingkayu, Pupuan and its surroundings. 77.8% of 100% Robusta coffee is supplied from HERE

also According to the statistical agency in Indonesia, our region is the most number one manggosteen product because we have a good condition weather here for produce number 1 quality of manggosteen,


Of course you already know that farmers in villages are not as modern as farmers in cities, but farmers in villages, especially BALI, have unique things that are still being maintained until now, like every yadnya ceremony, we the Balinese people, hold thanksgiving to all living beings who have supported us, one of which is a Plantation, because of that We always get the best and unique Product, and from that we are moved to share the product from our garden to the world

Our Primary Goals, Mission

Top Quality

To be Number One in Plantation

Grow The Best Seeds

Grow the best seeds to maintain cycle and quality

Maintain Well

Take a good care a plantation from seed to produce a quality fruit anf fertilize it with organic compost

Our Purpose

educating farmers in the village and making farmers in the village a better life, because with the export, costs can be cut and increase the selling power of farmers

Happy Customers & Buyers

“we are very happy with the service, and also the quality of the coffee is guaranteed”

“the second time we ordered we still felt satisfied maybe the response could be improved but overall recommended”

“at first we thought we were just trying but we became partners and most importantly the price can be talked about thx it’s amazing”

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