Agro Dewata Indonesia

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CV. Agro Dewata Indonesia 

We are a company that provides agricultural products which are managed directly by experienced farmers and distributed to various countries. which is located on the island of bali and is called the island of the gods


Our ProductOur Story

Our Motto

Present the Perfection of Nature for Life

Our Vision

Able to be a company that provides plantation products to companies around the world with the best quality and taste.

Our Mission

1. Produce superior products
2. Provide products with high taste and ensure product availability to customers
3. Committed to always maintaining product quality
4. Cooperating with farmers in various commodity-producing areas to get the best products

Over 17 Local Farmer and 2 Merchant

To manage our gardens, we employe more than 17 farmers to manage land covering an area of ​​9 hectares, to maintain the quality of the harvest, maintain the sustainability of the coffee tree, cloves tree and vanilla tree in our garden also we have fruit like manggosteen, durian, snake fruit

we also partner with 2 merchant for selling our product

100% Organic

We ensure our coffee is protected from chemicals, along with progress in the field of fertilizers we maximize compost diapers for fertilizing





Coffee Tree

Cloves Tree

Vanilla Tree

  • GLOBAL GOALS 87% 87%
  • CORPORATE 76% 76%
  • INVESTMENT 35% 35%
  • MARKETING 96% 96%

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